Weekend Getaways

Weekend cottage getaways are relaxing way of enjoying the country life.  Vacation rentals can be found throughout the world with each offering a new environment for you, family and friends to enjoy.  Sometimes they are referred to as accommodations; however a cottage rental experience is a vacation in itself.
Weekend getaways rentals are generally owned by people that live in suburban or city areas and use the cottage rental for a place to get away during the summer or winter times.  Often when these cottages are not being used by the individuals that own them, they chose to rent them out to individuals like you.  Often this is due to help cover the cost of mortgage payments on a cottage.  Others simply buy these cottages and rent them as entrepreneurs.

Pricing for weekend getaways is generally similar to that of a hotel.  They share the similarity that prices often will vary depending on the time of the year you intend on visiting that particular spot.  Generally a cottage rental will range from $500 to $1600 a week during the summer season.  During the winter time you will find more reasonable prices generally ranging from $300 to $1,000 a week.  You do not usually pay sales tax on these cottage rentals.  Keep in mind you will be paying to have a place to stay which will include an abundance of things you’re average hotel room will not include.  These include multiple beds being available, equipped with full kitchens and often a great deal of privacy due to their property sizes.  So it’s like having your own home to stay at but in a more remote destination.
One thing that will be a bit different in comparison to your own home is that cottage rentals are usually located in amazing locations.  The majority can be found along the shores of lakes which often provide an abundance of activities including canoeing, kayaking and paddle boating.  These activities often come free of charge to the renters as they are offered through the community in which the cottage falls in.  Keep in mind that rental homes found on these water locations tend to be more expensive in rental pricing in comparison to non-waterfront cottage rentals.

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